It’s not the end of the world! The first thing to remember is that the earliest you seek help, the easy it will be. Making the minimum repayment on your Catalogue is part of the Credit agreement you signed, but sometimes life doesn’t go to plan.

It could be a small issue such as a mistake at your bank or your wages not coming into your account on the right date, but what ever the reason, ensuring you communicate with your Catalogue company is the best way to deal with the issue.

Call your Catalogue company and explain your situation, even if it’s short term (such as needing to pay late) or more long term (due to ill health or redundancy).

Catalogue companies have specialist departments designed to listen and find the best solution to helping customers who are unable to make repayments. They may agree to a smaller monthly repayment for a fixed period of time, they may be able to freeze interest and charges for example.

The earlier you call your Catalogue company the easy it will be to discuss and come to a plan that suits both parties.

Always remember a Catalogue company is not a priority debt, always ensure you make your Rent payments, Council Tax repayments and such first, ensure you budget for food and such, work out what you can afford to offer your Catalogue company and explain to them that you have done a budget.

Catalogue companies may ask you to repay more than you can afford, just remain relaxed and explain the situation, the more you work with your Catalogue company, the more help and support they can help.

If your debt issues are severe, you could get free debt advice from Government Organisations like Step Change.

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Credit Catalogues

A Pay monthly Credit catalogue can help you build or rebuild your credit rating. Applying for your pay monthly catalogue only takes a few minutes...

Catalogues with Credit

If you are successful when you apply for your Catalogue you will be offered a credit limit which you can spend up to with your catalogue.

Bad Credit Catalogues

A bad credit rating doesn't have to stop you getting accepted for a pay monthly catalogue, in fact, you can apply for a Guaranteed no credit check catalogue with us.

Catalogue Credit Limit Increases

Your Catalogue credit limit can be increased from time to time. Every 3-6 months your Catalogue credit limit will be reviewed, this means you could have more spending power and this could also improve your credit rating.


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