Once you open a pay monthly catalogue account you will receive a monthly statement. Your catalogue statement will show details of any orders you have placed, the outstanding balance, the amount you need to repay and the date your repayment is due.

Catalogues allow you to spread the cost at an affordable amount that suits your needs. Each month your statement will display any interest charged. Depending on the Catalogue you choose and the repayment terms this will vary.

Some Catalogue companies run a little like a Credit card in they will ask for a Percentage to be repaid. Other Catalogues will allow you to select the terms you want at the time of an order, this will allow you to spread the cost over 20 weeks, 52 weeks for example.

Always try and pay more than the minimum amount to avoid paying lot’s of interest.

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Credit Catalogues

A Pay monthly Credit catalogue can help you build or rebuild your credit rating. Applying for your pay monthly catalogue only takes a few minutes...

Catalogues with Credit

If you are successful when you apply for your Catalogue you will be offered a credit limit which you can spend up to with your catalogue.

Bad Credit Catalogues

A bad credit rating doesn't have to stop you getting accepted for a pay monthly catalogue, in fact, you can apply for a Guaranteed no credit check catalogue with us.

Catalogue Credit Limit Increases

Your Catalogue credit limit can be increased from time to time. Every 3-6 months your Catalogue credit limit will be reviewed, this means you could have more spending power and this could also improve your credit rating.


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